Cleaning Tip for May

Neutra Brite

Clean Up With Neutra Brite

Local Janitorial’s Neutra Brite, is a multi-purpose cleaning product that is easy to use.  With its pleasant lemon fragrance, it is designed to clean and deodorize in one step with no rinsing required.  Neutra Brite actually has optical brighteners to leave a high shine on any hard surface.  It can be safely used on floors, tile, fiberglass, porcelain and most other washable surfaces.  A great cleaning product for one-step application.

CLEANING TIP  — Most cleaning products are made to do the cleaning work for you.  When you are using a cleaning product for the first time, be sure to read the label carefully.  Some products are meant to be applied and left on to do the specific cleaning for which they were designed.  Some products will damage the surface if left on too long.  Spending a minute reading the label can save you from ineffective cleaning and possible damage caused by using the cleaning product improperly.


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